How to decorate the comb

Today I will share with you the idea of ​​how to decorate the comb.


For creativity, we shall need the following materials:

  • Tube beads, gold, 2 mm;
  • Bteklyanny cabochon, blue, 14 mm;
  • Pearl beads, semi-circular, 4 mm;
  • Chain with rhinestones, gold;
  • Copper wire, 0.3 mm;
  • Comb;
    The cloth.


  1. Scissors;
  2. Glue gun.


The process:

1. Prepare a piece of fabric, blue cabochon, a small segment of the chain.

2. Stick the cabochon onto the fabric using a glue gun.

3. Then glue the chain around the cabochon in 2 rows ..

4. Cut off any excess string and fabric.


5. nanizhite glass beads on a wire -. Around 20pcs, fix the wire. Poluchtlsya petal.


Around him make another petal. We obtain a double layer petal.

Make 3 of these petals.


6. nanizhite glass beads on the wire (22 pcs.). Make 4 single-layer petals.

7. Collect all the petals together, as shown in the photo, get one gold flower bead.

8. Repeat the steps for the second flower of beads.

47 48 49

9. Glue the flower and 2 cabochon on our comb using glue gun.

50 51

10. Add polubusinu the middle of each flower.


11. Make two small flower with three petals on the steps for weaving a large flower.

12. We attach them to comb and add in the middle of the flower polubusinu.

53 54

That’s all. The result is such a nice comb.

55 56 57


Thank you so much!

Good luck in the works!

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