Decorate the room with butterflies

Decorate the room with butterflies

Decorate the room with butterflies


Your room is in need of an exciting walk again? Well, here’s another tip for super easy to make yourself, and leave the room in different ways. It is a wall with butterflies felt super cute and that will change the look of your room. You need a few materials and very quickly .

How to decorate a room – the materials necessary


A rectangular piece of wood, about 35 cm 7 cm (see for carpentry workshop and ask them to chop wood in the right measure. Do not forget to ask for a hole where the wires are embedded)

  • Five pieces of wire
  • A piece of felt
  • butterfly
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

How to decorate the room with flowers and butterflies


Cut the butterfly shape. Look at the pattern on Google or based on the photo above


After cutting the shape, cutting felt in accordance with the mold. You will need two pieces of felt in the shape of a butterfly on a piece of wire. Pass the hot glue on the one hand felt a butterfly


Insert the other side of the wire between the butterfly piece of felt and other


Waiting to dry, just cut a piece of felt and glue in the center, thus finishing



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