Decorative bottle with vegetables for the kitchen decor

Decorative bottle with vegetables

Decorative bottle with vegetables for the kitchen decor

Decorate the kitchen winter supplies hell even in such a magnificent performance by virtue of every woman! Several bright jars of pickles and jams will help to create a unique decor in the kitchen! Down with dull cover and long live the spectacular bright stickers, ribbons, napkins, ribbons, bizarre jars and bottles!


This beautiful bottle can even give as a gift, because it is so original that is sure to cause a pleasant surprise! Glass bottles and jars from the juices and sauces can be filled with colorful fruits and vegetables – red peppers, carrots, beans, gherkins, peas, radishes, cherry, hawthorn, citrus. You can also use all kinds of spices and plants, spikes, flowers, leaves.

What you will need:

– Carrots, diced

– Garlic, sliced

– green pea

– green onion

– lemon

– Vinegar (I have a 9%)

– Double-sided adhesive tape

– funnel

– Clean bottle with cap

– twine

– A piece of fabric

– Wooden skewers

– glue


1 Prepare the products and materials


2 Getting stacked layers of products in a bottle in any order you like. Items can take any on your taste.


3 Tilt the bottle to evenly distribute


It is very useful to me 4 wooden skewers. She distributed I bow.


6 Limonchik also possible to “edit” skewer, lay the way you like.


7 When all stacked products fill them with vinegar through a funnel. Fill little by little, you can hit a little bottle on the table, to have kept vegetables and vinegar poured over inside. Give the bottle stand for 5 minutes, a little vinegar drops, will be absorbed into the vegetables and top up again before the end.

8 (1)

8 Then proceed to the design of the bottle. Close the bottle cap, is pasted over the neck of the bilateral adhesive tape, as in the photo.


9 Fix the twine to the tape and pasted to the fabric tape.


10 twine wound around the neck of the bottle from the bottom. We try to do it plump, without gaps.


10 Fix the tail and the place smeared with glue. After drying, it will not be visible.


11 bottle ready! I have added a decorative rope. The neck can decorate as you like, what your imagination will suffice.


Attention! From vinegar vegetables change color!

Receive such cute bottles. I hope my microns will be useful to you.

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