Decorative candle holder in the shape of a tulip

Decorative candle holder in the shape of a tulip

Create a decorative candle holder in the shape of a tulip. Ax, the author used the waste material, which you can always find at hand. I wish you pleasant viewing and endless inspiration to create beauty for comfort in the home and interior decoration.

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To do this, we first need to find a cap – deodorant, shaving foam, and so on, as long as it was placed tea lights


Wrapped with foil or cover with cling film and shoot him “pattern” with the paste.


Once everything is dry take out the cap, put it off to the side and doing newspaper template. Get as – to flower- buton- if the look at oneself. Mark up a pencil in my future lepestki- their four- and carefully cut out their nail scissors. At the same time they try a little razdvinut- though – would dissolve buton- using glue. Slightly below the leaves bud sticking cloth on chut-hardly, only – to create the appearance of obema- APT. Left to dry



Wrap a napkin


At this time of thick cardboard cut out four identical leaf.


Glue them together and pasted over with a cloth.


In our attempt to gently dried bud paste bamboo trunk next flower. For this I make holes with an awl and carefully inserts it there with the “moment.”


At this time, the petals have dried up and they impose a layer shpatlevki- usually do this plastic card.


After foot flower cleave close ugliness twisted cloth first, and then a piece of cardboard to all APT. Dry them.


That has turned out a small flower. I then plastered his bare hands – fingers plastered bumps, depressions, etc.


And … Under the petals from the stem of clay cling small leaves. Give a flower to dry.


Beautiful sand lobes try on with the future flower. And if we do not like his face, his we are also the skins to the very decent condition.


We begin to gather- ie stem and petals. Nothing came to mind except for the cover of the five-liter baklashki- needed something small and heavy. Our items are pasted on clay and leveling them on all sides. Plasticine is not possible on a multi-glue gun just did exactly.

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We fill our beauty gypsum or alabaster. Dry them. Once again, the resulting paste napkin pedestal to put the filler, the hard way. The edges of the petals of a clay harness.

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Glue the small veins on the leaves of clay.


Well, that and everything. Candlestick basically ready. Next thing fancy.


I got this. Height of about 12 cm.

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While the essence of the matter, I still loomed such a stone flower. And he turned to stone for using eggshells.



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