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Decorative mirror

Decorative mirror

Oh, well, we do not know whether that mirror is never too much! Yes, we accommodate them anywhere we can, because the mirror is a favorite device for women and it is always out of place. I’m sure you have a million any different design options of frames mirror seen, well here we are all a million the first method, as from a simple round mirrors make a stylish piece of furniture without loss of quality, but on the contrary …


And for this it was not necessary in the throes of cut plastic pipes, and even cut cardboard spools of toilet paper, too, did not have all turned out much easier.

Yes, this frame is made of cardboard sheets from a conventional thickness of 3 cm. All that is needed is to put on a line width of 1 cm and larger cut pieces that have to be glued into the two rings of different sizes.

Still needed:

– Round Mirror
– Metal hook for hanging
– Plastic cover which will stick the mirror. The diameter of the cap should be less than that of the mirror
– Adhesive (Titan or hot gun)
– Glitter, sequins or something like that, do all that you can still come up with a design for decoration

How to:

1. Loosen the fixing screw into the plastic cover. To it also will be prepared to stick cardboard rings


2. This ornament was made of cardboard rings in two sizes – with a diameter of 1.5 “and 2” (respectively 3.75 and 5 cm)
Here is the result …


3. paper board substrate can be painted, but here is a step was not used. So just glue sequins on it


5. This is how it will look in the end


6. Hot glue Glue a mirror to the plastic cover


7. All done! It remains only to find a suitable location for the new mirror





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