Decoupage candles

Decoupage candles

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I want to introduce you to a simple master-class for the 8th of March. A small gift from me, so to speak. Many people are afraid somehow decoupage candles, and vain – this is the easiest type of decoupage, I open master classes with this task even children cope!



– White candle;

– Napkins for decoupage (or any other 3-ply napkins)

– Little candle-tablet;

– A teaspoon;

– Bandage;

– Outlines, glitter – on request.


1 First of all, choose the appropriate category and by size of the motif on a napkin, it is desirable that he was on a white background, it will be easier. Motif on a white background tearing (tearing it) as close as possible to the circuit.If you chose the motif on a dark, colored background – then it is worth carefully cut along the contours, leaving allowances. After that remove the extra two white layer with a swipe – we do not need, we will work only with the fact that the drawing.


2 Then we light our candle-tablet. Before that, should remove from the table all the extra paper cut, if you have wide sleeves – roll. Take a teaspoon and holding the inner side of the candle, heat it. It is important to heat the spoon is on the inside, otherwise then you get dirty with soot their work, which is inevitable when heated spoon over the candles.


3 applies to our motive candle, holding the edges, and begin to slowly stroke the back of the heated substrate. (Just make a reservation, for those worried about the spoon – soot is easily washed off.) Stroked to start with the center.Movement should be smooth, quiet. A kind of “meditation” Paraffin waterlogged and permeates through the napkin.You should not delay long in one place spoon, because they can get ugly “well” that it will not turn away in the end.From time to time a heated spoon over a candle-tablet. Thus goes around the motif.


4 Be sure to check the image on the presence of bright spots – it means that in that place the wax melts and soaked cloth. The whole picture should “swim” in a candle, to become translucent. So do not be in a hurry. If you have selected a picture on a white background, like me, then the excess of white napkins simply dissolved, becomes invisible.


5 Once you have processed this way the whole motive, checked for flaws, turn to the final part. In the process, our candle became uneven, left the band, the marks of a spoon, lost luster – it’s easy to fix. Take a piece of bandage, folding it and just rub the whole candle. All bumps are gone, and the candle will be like new. Especially, of course, not zealous – and then you can tear off and image.

6 Here’s what our job at this point. You can leave already, and so, as you can continue to decorate.


7 I decided to add a little glitter to the result was more festive. But do not go overboard here, March 8 – still not the New Year. Ideally, the use of special shapes and glitter for candles or check those that are at hand for burning, since about fire safety is not worth it to forget.


8 Wait for the glitter is dry, and admire the result.



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