Decoupage on fabric Pillow

Decoupage on fabric Pillow

Decoupage on fabric Pillow


For work, we need:

  • single-colored pillowcase (preferably cotton or linen, but many manage to decoupage and silk, for beginners it is better not to risk);
  • depicting the napkin (preferably three layers);
  • special glue for decoupage on fabric (it is in the heat treatment creates a protective film);
  • paint and loop fabric;
  • soft flat brush or a sponge;
  • plastic bag or a sheet of paper (for support).
  • Before transgress to work, pillow case, in any condition, it is a new or old, need to be washed and ironed properly.

Procedure (see photo):

1. Cut out napkins or more image fragments, it is desirable to leave a small wipes the edge contour.

2. Separate the top layer of cloth with patterns.

3. Inside pillowcases gently spread a plastic bag or a sheet of paper.

4. Arrange the pieces on the fabric cut in designated places for them and choose the best location. Use the sponge to cover the motifs with several layers of textile adhesive so that the cloth and wipe completely soaked. Figure carefully smooth out the brush from the center to the edges. To fix certain edge wipes, further walk on them brush with glue.

5. Once the fabric is completely dry (about 24 hours), make a loop of fabric stroke pattern.

6. Secure the drawing, iron and iron the reverse side for 3 to 5 minutes of ironing “cotton”. You can insure, and put under place a sheet of paper.


Very important! Wash in warm water 30-40 degrees, very gently, by hand and only with the seamy side without pressing. Do not soak before washing – pattern may peel off. Do not use bleach. Keep your tips and products survive more than one washing.

This technique can decorate the tablecloth, napkins, textile lampshades and even clothing. Some manage to decorate because even jerseys! Good luck!



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