How to make decoupage refrigerator

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How to make decoupage refrigerator

Refrigerator is the type of home appliance that works quite well for a long time, and sometimes going through your appearance. And, did you know that with a little effort and imagination, it is possible not only to upgrade, but also make a real decoration of your kitchen? So, if you decide to decorate the fridge with your hands, we advise you to register it as a decoupage technique.
How can I make decoupage on the refrigerator?
Decoupage – a decoration of various items using cut paper motives. As for the refrigerator, it can be done decoupage wallpaper paste over it, the beautiful multi-layered cloths, clippings from newspapers or magazines, as well as normal tissue paper on which you print any pattern you like. From above, in order to achieve a smooth glossy surface, the walls of the refrigerator covered with several layers of acrylic lacquer.


We need:

  • napkin with a pattern (in this case grapes);
  • glue;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • white, green and brown acrylic paints;
  • a pencil, brush, scissors.

Carefully cut out the figure of napkins and separate the top layer.

To our cluster did not look monotonous, with some you can remove one or two leaf, a few grapes on the edges or bottom.

Think carefully about the location of all elements in the overall picture and start their gluing. To do this, slightly dilute glue with water and apply with a brush on top of it right swipe, moving from the edge to the center of the picture.


When all the clusters will be necessary to draw a pencil glued connecting their vines and “mustache”. Next, paint the branch of brown acrylic paint, and “mustache” green. To figure looked more natural, it is recommended to use several shades of paint for the formation of partial shade and glare. White paint is applied to grape glare.


After all the work is completely dry refrigerator must be coated with acrylic lacquer in two stages.