Denim mat

Denim mat

Denim mat


Once a victim of my rush “to cut all and lead to a common denominator” was the bag with denim patches.No, smaller and cut jeans on 2×2 inch squares of course, I did not: big chunks turned into squares 8 “x8”, pieces smaller – in the squares of side 4 1/4 “. All the rest – in the band.They were lying and lying in a box until before them is not reached .. First of small squares sewn 2×2 blocks. Then creatively mixed with large squares. After – as usual, back, seal, top + pins:


What is a constant attribute jeans? – Stitching. Double, triple … In our case a lot of lines does not happen. Why waste time on trifles?


What else is missing? – Label, of course. On my rug anyway!


For edging just useful band of the same box. That’s the result:


Size – 110h76 see. It is stylish, practical mat …


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