Designer blouse back neck designs for stylish look

Designer blouse back neck designs

Are you infatuated with sarees? Are you often on the side of dragging a saree for every occasion? But, how to look disparate each time is a major issue. Carrying your six yards of pure grace uniquely is a great commitment. The prominent hack to shoulder your saree wisely is the blouse! We often assume that a saree look totally depend on body type.

Many a time and often, girls try to maintain a gloss figure to look engaging in a saree. But, no! You girls need to throw your attention towards your blouse. Your blouse can make or break your look. An ill stitched blouse will make you look irregular whereas a perfectly stitched blouse can make you look antithetic wherever. Though a blouse has a basic fixed design, you can cast up your idea to that style each time. Here’s presenting a roll of 15 trending blouse back designs below.

Blouse Back Neck Designs
1. The Pyramid Slit

Designer Blouse Back Neck

If you are prying a blouse to be worn on a sober a or clear-cut saree then this blouse back design is for you. It would perfectly go if you like it on a Banarasi saree. The blouse back design is chipped into a Pyramid slid. The blouse has no hook, rather it has two strings hooked on the top of the Pyramid.

2. The Paan Slit

Designer Blouse Back Neck

This vogue blouse design will be a fit for a saree that is gaudy and posh. If you are plotting to wear a saree on a wedding occasion then this blouse back design is an accomplishment. The slit is cut in Paan shape and piping is done with a variant color.

3. The Half Pack-Back

Designer Blouse Back Neck

An exceptionally modern blouse suggested for girls who are sustaining to wear a backless blouse but can’t because of body type affairs. This epiphany will give you a lasting impression. The back slightly packs from above but left off from below. There’s only a string solo to tie at the rim.

4. The Cris-Cross Back

Designer Blouse Back Neck

A person who crave to look sexy and enticing can adopt this blouse back design. It can knock out people and make you look completely steamy. The blouse has its sleeves crisscrossed. With, the sleeves the back has strings crisscrossed also.

5. The Bow-Series

Designer Blouse Back Neck

This is a plain sailing, glace and sassy blouse back design that you can truck with any type of saree or body shape. It is not at all revealing and looks clean. It’s back is cut into a deep V and the V is closed with a series of a bow.

6. The Parabola-Play

Designer Blouse Back Neck

Modern blouse back designs are defined by the aforesaid back designs. This is a striking and elegant blouse design where the sleeves are slit sleekly into a half parabolic shape. The blouse back is circular and the front is slit into a V.

7. The Small Leaf

Designer Blouse Back Neck

Are you planning to wear a saree with a slim material? or a net? Then you should tag along with this back design for your saree. The design is such that the back neck is fully packed and the blouse fabric is chikankari. It’s slit into a small leaf from above to hook it close.

8. The Tri-Leaf Pattern

Designer Blouse Back Neck

Someone who keeps her look always extra or happening, someone who wants to drop heads while she walks by in a saree then you have found the right design for your blouse this time. This design is exclusively stylish with three surrounding leaf slits on the back. The sleeves are cut in frills and the neck is tailored into a boat-neck.

9. Back And Buttons

Designer Blouse Back Neck

The design is in velleity with a Georgette and net saree. The back is made up of net completely with shimmer fabric laced around. The middle part of the back is sewed with a series of buttons mint apart.

10. Back And Placket

Designer Blouse Back Neck

Here’s the consonant design you caught above but a bit revised. Here the back is packed with net perfectly with no bounds far and wide. The middle area is painted with colorful placket. This design makes the blouse an exception as you can wear it on any type of saree.

11. The Crossed Plates

Designer Blouse Back Neck

This blouse pattern is beyond compare as it has to be carried with an ultra-facile saree. The blouse back is pockmarked rectangularly. It has crossed plates at both the ends above and below which makes it look in a class by itself.

12. The Diamond Slit

Designer Blouse Back Neck

This design is basically for an intricate saree. If you are wearing this design, your over the top look is my guarantee. The back of the blouse is fashioned into a diamond slit.

13. The Bow Knot

Designer Blouse Back Neck

A saree with highly royal material will rule the atmosphere with this type of back design. If you want to have a regnant couture above to below then swipe this design to your cart. The back is cut into a curved-V and finished with a tied bow at below. The sleeves of the blouse are also ended with ruffle sleeves.

14. The Circular Slit

Designer Blouse Back Neck

If you are soon attending an official celebration and thought of wearing a saree to it, then here’s the right plug. The simplicity of this blouse design is its essence. The blouse neck is a solemn circle and the back is cut into a medium-sized circle too. The back is closed with two buttons from above which is giving the whole blouse a formal look.

15. The Big Circle

Designer Blouse Back Neck

A teensy change in the above design can make your simple blouse back design not so simple! If you want to follow the idea of a circle but also want to spicy then all you have to do is slit your circle such that it covers the perimeter of the back.

So, did you find any design worth swiping right? Did any of the design match your idea of custom? Then, soon choose a great fabric and costumier for your blouse and whoopee! Also, here’s a saree tip from my side for anyone who is wearing a saree for the first time. When you wear a saree and try to walk, kick your pleats and walk. Also, if possible wear heels each time you wear a saree.


courtesy: k4fashion

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