Desk organizer

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Desk organizer

Today we take a workshop … bottles of shampoo!


We need: 3-4 empty bottles of shampoo (identical, of course), ribbons in nicely contrasting color (with a width of 2.5 and 0.5 cm), a sharp knife, bookbinding glue, super glue and glue.


1) we tear bottle labels (I had a very simple task – foil label + soft bottle)

2) a sharp knife cut off the upper portion (at different heights). Edge does not have to be perfectly equal – and so it later ribbon.

3) A wider ribbon cut into pieces of the same length, which has a circumference of the bottle.

4) The cut ribbon and bookbinding glue soaked with edges, trying to spot the join was exactly in the middle. Adhesive glue super glue pots together.

5) The narrow ribbon cut into approximately 5 cm pieces and glue it to the junction of the wider ribbon (it will strip our bows).

6) Bows do by THIS recipe, omitting the last step, which is the bar (our bar is the point 5). That same strip center bows wrap, taping the free end of the inner side of the bottle.

This is the way, our organizer is ready.


And the riddle of the dresser , which I mentioned in the previous post. It does not include furniture because … it is so tiny.


Clocks buried. Bows pretty good watch thin needles that are lost as soon as 


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