Different types of necklines to try in your kurtis

necklines to try in your kurtis

Necklines play a crucial role in enhancing the overall look and style of kurtis. They can transform a simple garment into a trendy and fashionable outfit. Choosing the right neckline can flatter your face shape, accentuate your features, and add a touch of elegance to your kurtis. In this article, we will explore some popular necklines to try in your kurtis and provide styling tips to make the most of each style.

Here are some necklines to try in your kurtis to inspire you:

When it comes to kurtis, the neckline is a significant element that can make or break the entire look. Different necklines offer distinct styles and suit various occasions. By experimenting with different necklines, you can create versatile and eye-catching outfits that reflect your personal style.

Importance of Necklines

The neckline of a kurti holds immense importance as it frames the face and enhances the overall appearance. It can draw attention to your collarbones, neck, and shoulders, adding a graceful touch to your outfit. Choosing the right neckline that complements your body type and face shape can make you look effortlessly stylish.

01. V-Neckline

The V-neckline is a classic and versatile option that suits most body types. It elongates the neck and creates an illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Here are some benefits of the V-neckline:

A. Benefits

  1. Flattering and slimming effect.
  2. Creates a balanced look for both petite and curvy figures.
  3. Enhances the bust line.
  4. Works well with both formal and casual kurtis.

B. Styling Tips

  • Pair a V-neckline kurti with statement earrings to draw attention to your face.
  • Opt for a deep V-neckline for a glamorous evening look.
  • Layer your V-neckline kurti with a contrasting camisole or a stylish scarf.

02. Boat Neckline

The boat neckline, also known as the bateau neckline, offers a sophisticated and elegant look. It follows the curve of the collarbone, creating a gentle and feminine appeal. Here are some benefits of the boat neckline:

A. Benefits

  1. Enhances the shoulders and collarbones.
  2. Adds a touch of elegance to the overall look.
  3. Works well for both formal and casual occasions.
  4. Suits all body types.

B. Styling Tips

  • Pair a boat neckline kurti with a long necklace to accentuate the neckline.
  • Choose a boat neckline with three-quarter sleeves for a chic and contemporary look.
  • Experiment with bold and vibrant colors to make a statement.

3. Round Neckline

The round neckline is a timeless and versatile option that can be styled in numerous ways. It offers a balanced and harmonious look to your kurtis. Here are some benefits of the round neckline:

A. Benefits

  1. Provides a classic and effortless style.
  2. Works well with both casual and formal kurtis.
  3. Suits all face shapes and body types.
  4. Allows for easy accessorizing.

B. Styling Tips

  • Add a chunky statement necklace to a round neckline kurti for a trendy look.
  • Layer your round neckline kurti with a contrasting jacket or a shrug.
  • Opt for a high round neckline for a modest and sophisticated outfit.

4. Square Neckline

The square neckline is a unique and eye-catching option that exudes elegance and charm. It adds a touch of retro-inspired glamour to your kurtis. Here are some benefits of the square neckline:

A. Benefits

  1. Accentuates the collarbones and shoulders.
  2. Creates a structured and defined look.
  3. Adds a vintage charm to your outfit.
  4. Works well for both formal and festive occasions.

B. Styling Tips

  • Pair a square neckline kurti with delicate and dainty jewelry.
  • Opt for a square neckline with flared sleeves for a bohemian vibe.
  • Choose bold prints and patterns to enhance the square neckline.

5. Halter Neckline

The halter neckline is a trendy and stylish choice that adds a modern and fashionable touch to your kurtis. It highlights the shoulders and provides an edgy look. Here are some benefits of the halter neckline:

A. Benefits

  1. Accentuates the shoulders and upper back.
  2. Creates an alluring and feminine appeal.
  3. Perfect for summer and beachwear kurtis.
  4. Adds a contemporary and chic vibe to your outfit.

B. Styling Tips

  • Pair a halter neckline kurti with statement earrings and a sleek updo.
  • Opt for a halter neckline with a flowy and flared silhouette for a graceful look.
  • Experiment with bold and vibrant colors to make a style statement.

FAQs – Necklines to try in your Kurtis

01. Q: Can I wear a V-neckline kurti for formal occasions?

A: Yes, a V-neckline kurti can be styled elegantly for formal events by pairing it with tailored pants or a skirt and accessorizing with statement jewelry.

02. Q: Which neckline is best for a petite figure?

A: A boat neckline is a great choice for a petite figure as it adds width to the shoulders and creates the illusion of a more balanced silhouette.

03. Q: Are round necklines suitable for all face shapes?

A: Yes, round necklines are versatile and suit all face shapes, making them a safe and timeless option for any individual.

04. Q: Can I wear a square neckline kurti for festive occasions?

A: Absolutely! A square neckline kurti can be paired with embellishments, embroidery, or festive prints to create a stunning and celebratory look.

05. Q: How can I style a halter neckline kurti for a casual day out?

A: For a casual day out, you can pair a halter neckline kurti with jeans or shorts and accessorize with a wide-brimmed hat and comfortable sandals.


Choosing the right neckline for your kurtis can make a significant difference in your overall style and appearance. Each neckline offers unique benefits and styling opportunities, allowing you to create versatile and fashionable outfits. Whether you prefer a classic V-neckline or a trendy halter neckline, there are endless possibilities to explore. Experiment with different necklines, accessories, and layering techniques to create personalized and eye-catching looks.

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