How to draw bubbles scrapbooking

draw bubbles for scrap booking

How to draw bubbles scrapbooking

For this idea does not have to be an artist and promises to mom super solution for employment of children if something closes your home.Painting with bubbles So for kids as big as they can make bubbles in a glass and not risk accidentally drink the contents! 

draw bubbles scrapbooking

You will need:

  • Blocks for watercolor (or watercolor papers)
  • tempera
  • dish washing liquid
  • small plastic cups (or anything else in glass)
  • straws
  • paper towel or something to cover the desktop … and prevent the loss!

decoupage panel (15)

1. Fill the cups at least halfway with a mixture of color, detergent, and a little water. There is no analogy. If the color is too “pale” put more tempera. If bubbles do not easily come out put more detergent etc.
2. Put the straws in the glasses and blow up the bubbles out above the glass. Position the paper so that the bubbles break on that and create.
3. Allow drying.
4. Repeat with that color combination you can imagine!

The idea here.

flower balls (2)

flower balls (3)