Drawing on a T-shirt with acrylic paints

1.Acrylic paint for special fabrics, such as these:


(By the way, I buy only the primary colors-red, blue, green, yellow, white, black … and from them you can get a lot of the right shades)

2.kistochki better 1-thinner columns for the circuit, and the bristles flat several different sizes

3.palitru (I use the lid for cans)

4.banochka water

5.tryapochka (just in case, so wipe your hands, for example)

6.What anything that can be put under the painted surface to paint is not imprinted on the back of T-shirt …. I use a plastic folder for papers, wrapped in a newspaper)

7.raspechatanny the printer next drawing

8.nu itself-a T-shirt.


translate with the help of carbon paper, for example, drawing contour on a T-shirt:


then columns of black paint and draw out circuit:


(Do not worry that the loop is fuzzy, the main thing at this stage to identify the boundaries)

Further select the color you want (I’m in the way the lid in a small amount of paint, but that was enough for the rest of the painted surface, so you do not domeshivat and not worry about the color mismatch):


and proceed to the filling.

Best Large bristle surface paint (paint better lies and lint from the brush does not remain), and near the circuit dokrasit column:


if the paint out of the loop, do not worry, later on it will be possible to fix


Take another color and paint on:


Now fix unsuccessfully rasstёkshuyusya paint …. just do this plus add our Ponca volume … take the gray paint and paint accents in the place to the shadow:


and so on the whole bird:


left to paint the beak:


add shade darker shade of color detail:


and again over the stroke a path with black paint … there you are


Wait till the day in order to figure completely dried out, then vtechenie proutyuzhivaem 5 minutes from the wrong side through the paper (also laid between drawing and ironing board paper, so that drawing on the blackboard is not imprinted) iron .tempiratura exhibit respectively type of fabric on which we drew.

picture turns out not worse than in manufacturing spetsialezirovannom erased by hand at 30 degrees with detergent, iron inside out … and lasts longer …. the main thing that is done with love and in a single copy.

courtesy: liveinternet

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