Earrings berlingo

Earrings berlingo Earrings berlingo

Earrings berlingo


I propose to make Burlingame. This ornament in the form of a pyramid. Time takes from 15 minutes to an hour. Application can be different. From what I have done: decoration for the home, car pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, charms and pendants on mobile. And what use will you find?

So, we need: sewing, cardboard, scissors, needle, glue, pebbles


cardboard cut out two rectangles with an aspect ratio 1: 3 (here 2 * 6cm) divide into three parts and snake diagonally. bend all to one side and collect a pyramid. You can leave the pattern on the allowances for bonding glue, I’m here, for example, an adhesive tape is more convenient to stick straight from the top.



We begin winding. See photos, repeat steps. One, two, three, and repeat until all are criss-crossing




Check the progress of work


the tip of the thread anchoring drop of glue or a needle is passed through. I recommend drip glue on all the corners. super glue, gel or PVA – decide, here it is more convenient than anyone. but keep in mind: superglue affect the brightness of the color threads, PVA eventually turn yellow, gel – thick. I use gel smear him for a couple of turns until the end and close the top thread



Then add pebbles – get earrings floss