How to make earrings in the form of leaves

Earrings in the form of leaves

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Who would have thought that an ordinary weaving leaf to flower bead, so can look great in the form of earrings, and most importantly – it’s good to pick up beads and beads. Seeing these earrings, I was impressed and I wanted to share with you how to weave these earrings on their own.


Plaiting of ear rings you need to take:

– Copper wire or any other, preferably 0.4-0.5 mm, such as 0.3 mm and the sheet is too thin will not hold a form without EEPROM
– Beads from №10 and more (№9-№6), as Beads of smaller size may not strung on a wire
– pearl beads 4-5 mm in diameter (optional)
– Bugle (optional)
– The fastener
– Cutters


Basis weave earrings – a French braiding arcs with central series . Cut the wire 60 cm or more, depending on the desired size earrings. Do at one end of a small loop of wire, beads №8 recruit 5 or 1 and 1 bead beads as well if you weaves beads №10, then enter the 6 beads. Now make a large loop at the bottom (Fig. 1) and begin weaving arcs.

Arc should really adhere to the central row, in order to avoid cracks. The required number of beads and make the revolution at an angle of 45 degrees (Fig. 2-3), and then back down and type the same number of beads (Fig. 4-5), we do the same rotation around the center axis from below. Repeat weaving arcs as much as you like.


When weaving arcs over, you need to roll out a small loop on top, cut and fold the excess wire from the inside of the leaf. Large loop you need to cut one of the bend in the loop, and the second part of the crop and roll up the ends of the wire, which you wove the arc so that it was nice and tidy. Well look at the finished earrings and you’ll see what a graceful loop obtained from the author. Ideally, you should be lower loop is sized so that at the end of weaving remained loop large enough to thread the fastener into it, but it will come with experience.

Earrings are ready!

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