Easter cage for birds

Easter cage for birds

Easter cage for birds

My dear lovers weave from newspapers or magazines, I offer you to decorate the interior of the cage for birds. This is the simplest and easiest option platting of newspaper tubes. To work, you will need about 15 minutes


For work you need the tubes from newspapers, magazines or cash tape, you can paint them how to weave and after. If painting to weaving, then you will need to stain, because after the tube remain the same soft, that will not prevent weaving


From cardboard cut out two circles, two bottoms for the cell. The first glue cardboard tubes 7, as shown below, on top of cardboard glue the second round. We fix bedplate with tubes clothespins or put on top of something heavy and wait for the complete drying of the adhesive. Adhesive works best to take a thick glue


 In this embodiment, use plastic bottles. Raise the tube, fix their clothes pins and proceed to bottle


Entangling the bottle tightly



That’s all very easy)


Cells can be made of any size and decorate it with ribbons and flowers


Courtesy: liveinternet.ru

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