Easter egg “Vase with Flowers”

Easter egg "Vase with Flowers"

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Easter egg “Vase with Flowers”


We used:

  • wooden blocks for eggs (about 12 cm in height),
  • Matsuno Dyna-Mites 11/0 Emerald (# 917) about 70 g,
  • Miyki Delika 11/0 transparent with gold glitter light topaz (# 101) 15 g ,
  • yellow glass beads 7 and 5 mm 
  • beads for flowers, white, pink and purple shades,
  • tear drop-shaped green 
  • mono filament fishing line or 0.1 mm,
  • a tube of a cream and another cap of cream,
  • 2 “screw” with flat hat,
  • glue 
  • steel wire 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm wire leaves,
  • thread floss green.
  • Vase turned 19 cm in height and width 9 cm.

Find tube of cream, a cap which fits in height and diameter as the neck of the vase and another cover for the bottom. Lids should be concave. The threaded portion of the tube is cut off by the border of the cap. At the top and bottom of a billet, strictly centered, thin drill holes are made by “tapping” in caps too, draw out the caps on the disc. Sew “shirt” eggs. In my case – emerald mat, “golden” strips of beads «Delika» and after the transition to transparent emerald. Sewing to a point it should be closed near one bead.


The neck of the vase: beads «Delika» mosaic is sheathed cap and “flap” go to “Ndebele”.


the lower edge of the teeth flash 3 beads


The neck of the vase is ready.


cut to the desired height, carefully align and cut the thread there, so blank sat on the edge of bottom. Sheathe beads «Delika» mosaic stitch along the top edge of the teeth 3 beads. Pull the bottom edge of beads size 15.



Screw the “screws” bottom of a vase and neck and hem cloves to the “shirt”.
Unscrew and align the top edge of the neck. Cover the “tapping” a circle of plastic or leather to the beads.
The vase is ready.


Do flowers.
Beads put on a double wire braid and her fishing line tied to a wire near the hole, collect beads, so it was enough for a half-beads, and in the direction of the node to reach the line, dial beads and bead go again to get the ring of an even count of beads. Go fishing line the entire series, mosaic stitch a row and go to the finishing beads (purple), now go on the reverse side of glass beads and coated it to the end.


Spreads on purple beads 2 beads and sew on in the technique of “Ndebele”.



Sew the petals, changing the colour of the beads. We pass in a circle 3 rows (the line was pulled tighter on these series, the more will be closed flower) and then sew the petals separately.


That bouquet was not monotonous, do a bit of other colours. Reverse arrangement of beads on the petals and yellow beads instead of purple.


Flowered 3 rows of petals.
Sew the remaining 2 rows of petals on the 2nd series follows mosaic, increasing the length of petals on one pair of beads in each row.


To make the flowers a few leaves and buds and primotat their sewing thread; the assembly to add the wire if the stem is not strong enough, because the flower is heavy. Stalk fluff glue “PVA M”. Make a few umbrellas from the droplets green.


Collect smoothly and neatly flowers in the hemisphere and wrap a thin steel wire as possible tighter. Try a bouquet to the neck of the vase and make a mark at the desired height.


Carefully trim the stems so that the cut was flat, insert the tip of a bunch of tube and sew through the holes pierced thin steel wire, passing it between the stems, as close as possible to the wire winding. Maximum tighten the wire.
Generously pour glue into the thread and tighten the neck vase bouquet.
Pour PVA glue to gain in-depth M and let it dry. He will give a little shrinkage. Once again, pour the glue is almost flush with the edges and fill with beads of green.
It remains to straighten bouquet and admire your work! fell in lovePS of course the same color vases, picture on it and the color of flowers can be whatever you want, if someone come in handy, I’ll very happy!rose hi


dial beads into the ring at the widest point it should sit tight and without gaps, and then sew the bottom Biserko, one


then contract the fishing line all dialed beads and go to the next floor … run like this, picking up every single ….that there were no gaps or not to squeeze too thick beads







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