Easter gift

Easter gift

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Easter gift

Here is such a beautiful and edible Easter gift will please your kids. But if you put the egg in a bag, where the image can be seen embedded candy, I think will be very nice and so the egg will have Easter gifts for adults .. It can be painted in yellow color, it will look fine. But this is my fantasy, and you come up with their own. The idea very much.



1. foam paper or thick cardboard

2. pompons

3. Candy

4. wrapping paper or a small bag

5. Hot glue

Progress has been prepared based on site: SBinfo.ru/1364189099

1. From penobumagi be cut legs and wings.

2. The candy bag set and tie it to a strong node that sweetness does not spill. The bag with hot glue to install the legs, which are the basis for a sustainable gift.

3. From Yorshik make flirtatious bow.

4. We attach the bow and the head, which is made of pom-pom.

5.Ostalos paste eyes, beak and wings

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Courtesy: amari02.ru

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