Easy alternating beaded chain stitch

Playing with stitches is a good way to reinvigorate your needlework. It can help you take your stitching beyond a set repertoire of the same repeated stitches, adding a whole new excitement to your embroidery.

Sometimes, even the simplest approach to a stitch can spice things up a bit. Today’s mini tutorial for alternating beaded chain stitch is a good example of how a simple modification to a stitch can dress it up.

alternating beaded chain stitch

Alternating beaded chain stitch, as you can see, is a really easy approach to dressing up a line of chain stitch while creating a subtle zig-zag effect with the line.

In this tutorial, I’m using one strand of DMC cotton floss doubled in the needle, size 10/0 round glass seed beads in light blue, and a #11 beading needle.

In the last Stitch Fun! tutorial on beaded chain stitch blossoms, I explained how to thread the needle to eliminate the extra bulk of thread at the eye of the needle.

alternating beaded chain stitch

For this alternating beaded chain stitch, you’ll need to know how to work the chain stitch.

Before you make the loop of the first chain stitch, thread a bead onto your needle. Make the first chain stitch loop with one bead floating around on the loop.

When you bring the needle up inside the chain stitch for the second chain stitch loop, situate your bead on one side of the loop or the other. It doesn’t matter which side, as long as you alternate sides as you continue down the chain stitch line.

alternating beaded chain stitch

With the next chain stitch in the line, before you head back down into the fabric to make the loop, add a bead.

When you bring the working thread up inside the second loop, make sure the bead is situated on the other side of the working thread, compared to where the bead is located on the first chain stitch.

Continue down the line, alternating the placement of the beads back and forth on each side of subsequent chain stitches.

When you reach the end of your line, work a tiny anchor stitch over the last chain stitch, ending the line just as you would any line of chain stitch.

alternating beaded chain stitch

While the concept is super simple, you can see that the addition of the beads adds just a little Something to the chain stitch line, giving it a slightly zig-zag appearance with a nice touch of sparkle!


courtesy: needlenthread

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