Easy steps of making Ganpati

Easy steps of making ganpati

Ganpati or Ganesha one of the most worshipped Indian deities is supposed to be the remover of all obstacles. Want to make a Ganpati of you own? Here is an easy way for that. The only thing needed is rangoli powder. Here we are going to show you some easy steps of making Ganpati.

Courtesy: Apurva Gundawar


Now, let’s start. Have a look at the picture. Put 6 dots as shown.


Make the dots little wider with your finger.



Closely watch the picture and see how the first dot is getting connected with the second and third one. Then fix the last three dots as shown.


Put three dots. One for Ganpati’s crown and other two for ears.

11701114_1045128775512200_9184425284714444280_n 11745323_1045128772178867_7368435860878284430_n

Look, it’s done. Your Ganpati is ready. Isn’t it easy?



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