Egg from plastic bottles

Egg from plastic bottles

Sometime during the holidays , an advertising agency saw this post and wrote me asking if I could make a model of egg with pet bottle. Well, I made ​​the template .. and liked the result. Follows the way I did, with a PAP.

Egg from plastic bottles


1 – 2 bottles are required. I tested with several pet bottles, but those that are suited to the format and facilitated the finish, it was one of coke and pepsi, 2 liter (or take the soda here at home, so I had to collect around …!). In the figure below, has the outline of the cut bottle . It can be used, but note that the upper part ovoid, is the format that will give the egg. So, cut that same way the two bottles. I used scissors to cut and saw my father helped with that as well next to the lid part.










2 – Closure of tips: The easiest and fastest way to close the ends is with fabric. Easy, easy – the way we close any cone egg. Is the idea – and, of course, can fill with ribbons, bows, gossip, whatever you want … Just cut a hole bigger than 1cm circle, make small perforations and paste! See the first picture. 3 – If you like, decorate a little . At the time I was plotting the piece, asked help to my compadres Bugstudium for logistical issues the order, and they got the idea to make a finish with fabric . Cut a strip of fabric 3 inches wide. Glue on the edge part of the coke, which is what is on the outside when the egg is closed.


4 – Glue strip of fabric out.


5 – Then fold and glue inside.


6 – If you want, finish with a ribbon. And also, of course, invent much more !!!



It’s only fear with treats, chocolates or any other surprise, that may be even wrapped in there. The egg gets approximate 19 cm. Fits very thing !!!

Egg from plastic bottles
Egg from plastic bottles

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