It can be stored or put different dates of items that should always be at hand. I, for one they pile up their paint tools (Photo 2).


For work, I use the following: a box of cardboard, cardboard cover and thin (from candy boxes) for the ears, foam packaging from the computer, PVA glue, glue “Moment” newspaper (10-15 pcs.), White paper (A4 Farmat – 10 sheets), a bit of cotton wool, Paper clay, acrylic paint, acrylic lacquer matte, glossy, foil, wire, fringe and tassel for the curtains, pieces of artificial leather cover for connection, golden braid 20cm round brooch with a bridge in the middle, decorations ( earrings, clips, pendants, crystals).
As well as tools: scissors, brushes, glue and paint, sandpaper, awl.

So let’s start.
Select the appropriate box on the container. Of foam packaging for the computer do the legs, it’s all inside the box connect wire. (Photo 3).


Then begin to hang our framework. The conventional technique of paper-mache: glue – paper.


Form the outline of an elephant, foil forming the trunk and paste paper. Glue the cardboard ears and paste newspaper. In the right places for greater roundness substitute wool. Another sizing several layers of paper. Gradually the glue dries and hardens the body of an elephant. Need to paste 7-10 layers of paper, something to achieve sufficient strength. Cardboard cover and do well papered paper.


Then cover the elephant white paper, preferably also several layers.


form eyes and begin to glue the skin with a “unique” material – toilet paper.


Adding elephant tusks, paint it white acrylic paint.


On the lid and sides of an elephant paste the blanket of corrugated paper towel.


Then the fun begins: paint the elephant in the colour you want to paint a horse blanket, cover with acrylic lacquer. Then glue leather curtain to open the lid, the fringe.


We catch brush: awl pierces through the lid hole stretch of golden braid, tied inside her bow to the round brooches (next photo).



Inside the box is lined with paper candy “Margarita” (in boxes).


Elephant decorate nails with rhinestones.


We catch all the decorations. You can use anything that is not worn, but throw a pity.


Put the elephant in its place in the room


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