Embroidery lentami

Embroidery lentami

Embroidery lentami

Smooth, hard stalk; long leaves,
buds purple,
blue petals and yellow stamens sun … Let’s try to embroider? ..


Consider the scheme. It presents
the familiar seams:

shov№1 “Stitch with swirls” little complexity;;

seam №3 “knot”;

joint №6 “twisted”;

and, finally, the seam №8 , we learned today is:

“for loop root ” .

“twisted” stitch will embroider the stem and secured their skills; “Stitch with swirls” embroider leaves only complicate it a bit; “Bundles” – midway flowers and flower buds; and a new stitch “loop under the root” create the petals.

The complexity of this work only in its sleek size. The height of stem 15-16 cm, inflorescence diameter of 2 cm or less.

For the embroidery will need 6-7mm tape: blue, yellow, purple, green type 2 (if any). Threads of floss or simple x / b light blue.

Move scheme on the fabric. Determine the direction of the stem, branches, leaves, flowers mark the midway and buds.


Let’s start with the stem stitch.
Dark green ribbon seam route the “twisted” on the painted lines of the stem and its branches.


Now, examine the seam “tab under the root.”
Pull the needle with the tape on the front side of the fabric near the midway-circle.

5 6

Stretch the tape. Now insert the needle near the point where it left, right “at the very root” of the tape.


Pull the tape from the inside out, determining the proper size of the stitch. So kill it with a safety pin to inadvertently tighten the stitch when the next seam.

8 (1)

Keep moving around, forming stitches, and fixing them with pins.

petelek- made ​​5 petals, secure the tape on the inside.


Here they are “under the tabs back!”

Yellow ribbon in the middle, make a “bundle”, tighten it. And then the bright thread from “node” to sew on each petal “beam”. Thread the string through the tape and fabric.

9 10


So we approached embroidery flower to his master and fixed seams on the fabric.

For embroidery bud take lilac ribbon. Buds will embroider “nodules.
In order to “bundle” turned elongated shape, with coils of injection needle does not close, as usual, but at the root of the 5-7 mm.



Remember! If you need a bigger bud – not tighten “knot.” Also, the size of each “node” depends on the number of turns you to screw the needle.

It remains to sew the leaves.
Pick dark green tape and suture “Stitch with swirls” shape leaves. Stitch should be pulled and flipped. Look at the photo.

14 16 17

Courtesy: liveinternet.ru

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