Exclusive wall clock

Exclusive wall clock

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Briefly explain how and what I do. 
This disc is under watch. The outer side – it will decorate.


On the reverse side it has increased by 4 layers of cardboard, but not in one piece, and so something had to recess for the mechanism. I then also an integral part – was stout. On the edge of ugliness hidden stripe linen buckram and using gypsy needle slipped jute cord in 12 places, where are the numbers.


Ring is also made of the same box. Two-layer. Wrap the sisal cord. He certainly difficult to rabote- resilient and unruly, but looks great. I simply dial then tied to a ring cords, trying something to be uniformly and in the centre.


Loop in which clock hanging.



Dial papered beach mat. He is of Chinese origin and is made from exotic plants unknown to me, but it looks like straw.


Now the décor. How do pupae I will not tell, internet is full of master classes, there is one wonderful site where I have a lot of things nashla- Pelagia. There all of the traditional doll. I just tell you where some doll.
Here love birds. They are made ​​on the basis of kuvatki they have one handle for two. A loving couples always so!


Caddis fly pupa. Darilas kiddies at Easter. Sometimes even with pigtails and as in my handkerchief. Also based kuvatki.



Tula lady. Responsible for the welfare of the family. Look what a stout and characteristic. Hands on her hips and she does not care how you cap!


Filippovka- housekeeper. She has six pens, something to catch everything. Please do desyatiruchku wanted, but I thought that for dolls growth of 8 cm. This will be a bit much, but then found Filippovka and everything was decided!


This doll does my doch Radmila. Dolly on a successful marriage. Of course this is not quite the doll, she must be at least 7-collar workers. But it, too, and show or who can not. So we decided to do just a hint of this doll. Eventually Lyubashke is early to think about it.


The dial has graced thick shoals shnurom- hide. And shoals were, where do without them. Week mayalas- remodel or not. Even my husband on the phone felt my torment and forbidden to change something. Well … I did not listen))) Although the husband should listen (to be), and do on your …. Sasha then izrёk- “and why am I not surprised ?!”
But, my darling calm and do not have to blush!



Corn rosettes are very appropriate look. I have them fill in the gaps between the pupae.


The bright flowers are a natural color, and dark colored hibiscus tea.



Pupae metlushki. One will have to live with a friend the other kumochki. It is now thought that the need to lace hem to decorate. But the photos are no longer will- buy tomorrow.
Dresses dolls from old linen tablecloth.


And this is all a rarity! My mom made these dolls 20 years ago. Accidentally they avoided autos. Mom was very surprised when I have them in a barn in the trash dug. I had to save them for the second time. It’s true attic dolls! Mom asked them to remake the face and one face even sewed linen, but I think that that does not need to redo. They are what they are.


Shoe with buckle.


Velvet shoes.


Handle ..


Mom’s hair with a hairpiece. Bracelet weaving my daughter, then another. 5 or 6 years old she was then.


Here you go. It seems everything!


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