Fancy back side blouse designs to pair with saree

Fancy back side blouse designs

Sarees are a staple dress in India. Sarees are worn in every nook and corner of the nation. Saree is one of the most favorite dress of the women of India. Sarees are beautiful and every region has its own specialty or uniqueness for the attire. Blouse designs are an integral part of the sarees. One must pay enough attention to the choice of the blouse and its sewing design.

We have brought to you some of the most beautiful backside blouse designs for your beautiful sarees. These beautiful blouse back designs will surely make your attire look strikingly beautiful. The back designs are important because the front of the blouse gets covered with the pallu of the saree, only the back of the blouse can be flaunted. So, wait for none and go on selecting the best design for yourself and rock every occasion that comes your way. We will take you through these backside blouse designs with insights on teeming it up with other elements and what combinations stand out and look best.

Latest Back Side Blouse Designs
1. Elegant Triangular cut blouse back design

Fancy Back Side Blouse

This beautiful blouse with beautiful embroidered panels comes with a beautiful back cut. The triangular back cut looks very beautiful. The broad base at the bottom makes the blouse design a stable one. The net frills on the half sleeved blouse add more beauty to the attire. Wear this blouse with a beautiful saree. You can leave your hair open and wear statement earrings with this look.

2. Back cut and panelled blouse back design

Fancy Back Side Blouse

This panelled blouse design is a great blouse back design. You can wear this graphic designer blouse will surely look beautiful with all the light coloured sarees. This sleeve-less blouse opens from the front. the back cut has a beautiful design on the top and at the bottom of the cut. Combine this blouse with a lose bun at the nape. wear flowers in your hair. Wear diamond jewellery with this attire. Teem it up with fresh dewy makeup just like the spring season.

3. Buttoned down back side blouse design

Fancy Back Side Blouse

This simplistic designer white blouse looks very beautiful. The simplistic buttoned-down design on the back looks sophisticated. The small sleeves end in embroidery. The flowery embroidery looks great. the bright red buttons at the back add beauty to the back design. Combine this blouse with a saree with embroidered borders. Wear your hair in loose curls. wear light makeup and a bright red lip colour and some blush.

4. Dori and Big buttons Blouse back neck design

Fancy Back Side Blouse

This is a beautiful peach blouse fit for a wedding. the beautiful back design with a deep back cut topped off with dori. The base of the back design ends in a buttoned down base. The long sleeves of the blouse make you look slender. The beautiful designer will go well with all the light coloured embroidered or sequined sarees. Wear this blouse with a neat low lying bun. wear light makeup with well defined eye makeup and light blush. keep the look fresh and dewy.

5. Polygon cut blouse back neck design

Fancy Back Side Blouse

This is a really beautiful red sleeve-less blouse. The trimming of the blouse is lined with beautiful bead lace. the square back cut adds the required glamour to this designer blouse. The blouse is a fit for the bright red kanjeevaram sarees. this blouse should be worn with a tight bun at the nape. Add hair accessories, bangles, statement to complete the attire. Wear light makeup with a bright lip colour, fuller brows and a small bindi on your forehead.

6. Golden adorned blouse back neck design

Fancy Back Side Blouse

This golden beauty is a fit choice for grand occasions like weddings. The golden base of this blouse bring the shine to this designer blouse. The inverted triangle back cut is adorned with dangling latkans. The cut is adorned with a golden base at the base. Cold shoulder design adds more beauty to this wedding worthy blouse design. Combine it with an equally beautiful saree. You can wear your hair in a messy high bun. Finish off your look with great makeup, the right contouring and bronzer strokes.

7. Back side blouse design in blue

Fancy Back Side Blouse

This peacock inspired blouse design is a true stunner. the different designer overlapping flaps look great. The cut at the back has a unique oval shape which adds drama to the look along with the tassels dangling down at the base of the back cut. You can teem it up with a beautiful blue saree. Wear it with a messy bun and bright makeup look. You can combine some jewellery pieces with it but do not overdo the bling

8. Embroidered blouse back neck design

Fancy Back Side Blouse

This is a very beautiful sleeve-less blouse with a round neck design. The beautiful white blouse is topped off with a circular back cut lined with beautiful and colourful embroidered foliage. The foliage design looks great on the white blouse. You can wear it with a white saree with similar embroidery or wear it with a bright coloured saree to add contrast. Wear your hear in a bun to let the back design do the talking. You can go with light makeup look with smoky eye effect and statement earrings.

9. Triangular blouse back neck designer cut

Fancy Back Side Blouse

This is a bold take on the blouse back designs for sure. This big back triangular cut design is surely going to make heads turn. Go for this blouse back design only if you are comfortable with this much skin show. Combine it with a plain embroidered saree to keep all the focus on the back design. You can go with a nude makeup look with this attire. keep your hair loose and wear minimalistic jewellery.

10. Hina Khan in black blouse back design

Fancy Back Side Blouse

This is indeed a very beautiful blouse design. this blouse can also be worn to formal parties or promotional events. The beautiful triangular cut at the back of the blouse looks great. The sheen of the plain panelled blouse is maintained by the Dori at the top and the bow at the bottom of the back design. This Blouse design will go well with a lot of designer sarees. The saree designs can range from plain silk sarees to printed sarees or embroidery bordered sarees. You can combine this look with subtle makeup and minimalistic jewellery. Pull your hair into a neat bun.


courtesy: k4fashion

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