Budgie of felt and beads

Budgie of felt and beads

Budgie of felt and beads


For the manufacture of birds you will need:

– Felt;
– Sintepon or sintepuh for stuffing;
– Sewing needle and sewing thread;
– Glass beads in black, 3 mm
– Beads of different colors, sizes and shapes;
– Transparent monofilament.

1. On paper, draw a pattern for birds, cut, transfer the outline of all the details on the felt, cut out of felt and sew detail details calf manually seam (I made ​​flat seams on the outside). Through the tail tightly fills synthetic padding body (tail with no stuffing at all) and then sew the edge of the tail.
2. Wings 2 3 lengths sewn to the body, “shoulder” synthetic padding and stuffing to sintepon not sprawling, do the basting stitch across the wing. Sew beads, eyes, around sheathe light green and light beige beaded number 10, eyebrow embroider golden felling № 15. Beak sheathe beige beaded number 12 in a circle, starting from the base. On the breast embroider speck of the St beige number 10, then sew around the St spotless green number 10 and below sew a strip of frosted golden number 11.
3. 2 3 on the upper edge of the wing embroider satin sv.zelenym number 10, the lower 2 3 – the St-green alabaster № 10. 1 3 of the wing on the edge of the Russian way sheathe sheathing edge (sew on top of matte gold, at the bottom – the St-yellow alabaster number 10). Fill in the blank space of the wing on the diagonal, moving from “shoulder” to the edge.
4. The edge of the tail is sheathed Russian method using golden matte beads, and then fill the space with beads, alternating colors.


5. The transition from the tail to the back turned out to be technically difficult – it was quite difficult Podlazov needle (at this point I broke 4 needles! And not sickly pierced my fingers). Back fill pale yellow beaded number 10, having beaded rows diagonally.
6. Nape fill in the same row diagonally. Between the eyes, on the top, sew ryadochki already smooth and gradually fill the space of beads under the eyes and above the beak.
7. The transition in breast tummy fill pale yellow mixed with matte gold beads, sew along ryadochki calf.
8. The lower part of the abdomen fill pale yellow and beige beads. The transition from the belly to the tail fill the neat rows of beige and pale beige beads.


Open triangles under the wings, while filling their beads were 2m ​​difficult section (2 more were broken needle and the fingers just maimed), from which we conclude – wings best to fill with beads at the end.
The empty space of the tail fill in neat rows along using pale beige beads.


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