Felting wool bags in watercolor technique

Felting wool bags in watercolor technique

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For those who first decided to do this fun “wet” case, explain that you need to have: 1. Pupyrchatoy film, single layer. Ie pimples on the face side and reverse side is flat film. Need its 1.5 meter. Usually it is sold on the construction market. 2. Wool – combed sliver. For starters, you can take Semenovski or Trinity. Take a few colors that you want to see in their product.


3. Water in some capacity, preferably hot. 4. Children soap, because it is very good foaming. 5. And of course the same table or any flat surface on which to play the. On the floor, I do not advise, because Stopping the R / W 20 minutes of work, not only with no arms, but without the back and legs! 6. Bucket, a doormat. Well, well, proceed! Today will be the basics, as need to learn how to lay out the wool rovnenko! – Drag mat cat cheholchik for stools or anyone like that, only a little for the first time !!!!!!!! Before computation of wool, you have in your mind a clear idea of what you want to get in the end (color, pattern, background). For example, I’ll do a light green background with large colorful flowers. What will you do, decide for yourself !,

1. To begin, determine what form, and what size you need. For example I have – 30h90sm rectangle. We add 30% shrinkage obtain 39h117sm. For clarity, I note this rectangle masking tape on the table. Put a folded in half the film inside.


2. Take the wool pitch (the background color of your product). I, for example, light green. Because Tape hair is very long, then, for convenience, wear it on the shoulder in multiple layers. Take the tip of the left arm, at a distance of 25-30 cm from the end, pre, fluffed it:


3. Now carefully pull the right hand tuft of wool. The left hand should just stick strongly wool not clench This beam must be flat!



4. We spread on pre-opening film clearing our first pile to one side:



5. Next, lay the second layer perpendicular pile layer:



6. If your product should be myagonkim, then stop there, if it should be thick, like boots, then lay another layer 3 and 4, by analogy with claim 4, 5.

7. All ADC’s ready !!! layer is now beginning to spread our drawing. WARNING !!! Tolstoy did not lay out the pattern, and then the product you get a very thick and clumsy! As I said above – I will have flowers:




8. And now the fun begins! Take water and soap. Begin to pour all this beauty, razmylivaya soap, creating a foamy water. Strongly do not get carried away with water, and then later “drift away”


9. Should look like this wet mat :


10. Closes the second (folded) part of our film glade:


11. Begin quietly, stroking nezhnenko our clearing, distributing soap water on the coat, so that all were uniformly wet (top film slightly moisten with soap to hands on it glided):


12. Gradually, the pressure and the pressure can be increased, bringing to a strong friction and shorkaniya . The duration of this action from 20-40min. Depending on the size, thickness and pressure. Ready or not can be checked by opening the film and touch (rubbing) wool, it should be fairly uniform and fluff should not separate from each other. By the way, necessarily, refer to the process in the presence of water and soapsuds between the film , if their is not enough, you can add in the process !!!!

13. The next stage – “sausage” . The entire stage is to laminate our product with 4 sides 50 times. We turn off our product and begin gently, gently roll over our clearing-Tudu here (with counting to 50): 



WARNING !!!!!! Be very careful, because water at the same time begins to run out of film in the wild kollichestvah right on the floor! It was then, and we need a bucket and a rag! 14. Unfolds. Sausage rolls down the other end clockwise. Kata. And each side. Thus, when we develop our “sausage” Do not forget to align the film and our clearing. Here’s what should happen after the “sausage”:


15. The next stage of the “test”. Open the foil and gently (without raising !!!) shifts our meadow to center:


15. The next stage of the “test”. Open the foil and gently (without raising !!!) shifts our meadow to center: 16. Getting “knead”, ie gently without lifting gently, without pressing gently !!!! Periodically expanding and straightening, smoothing his hands our meadow. All this is done until until pochustvuem that practically matted (5 minutes to knead).


17. Squeeze our dough, do not remove !!!!! Simply pressing, give water to escape!


18. Remove the tape and start throwing our clearing of the table. Here you can already force! This stage last – felting. Periodically straighten, tightens and smoothes the product of “cellulite”. Throw up until the product will not sit until the final dimension.

19. Everything! We go to the bath to rinse thoroughly in a basin! Dry them!








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