Fence flower vase

Fence flower vase

Fence flower vase

Fence-capacity for such a beautiful portable garden can be done by yourself.


We need: cardboard, glue, hot glue gun with and acrylic paint or spray paint. The pattern in which these two made ​​the fence has a height of 8 cm, width – 6 cm, length choose according to your wishes – a universal template.


On the cardboard from the box, took a template, but not all, but only a part .Do not forget to mark all auxiliary lines


At the ends of the main items dealt glue and gave a little soak.


Then squeezed his fingers to glue. This is done so as not to be seen inside corrugated cardboard. Glue strengthened and become more convenient to adjust the scissors after drying.


Now sidewall. In the diagram I have not calculated the thickness of the cardboard. So when did the pattern pieces, cut off from bokovinok each side literally 3mm. All except the ends, processed PVA. Taped to the bottom of the sidewall.


Zatem, in turn, using hot glue, glued side cover.


They did at the end, adjusted for the size of the fence.


Now left to cover, for example, acrylic paint (I painted with paint for ceilings in wet areas). Inside taped piece Penoplex that is wrapped in corrugated. And you can add a little – a little sisal.


Here’s what we’ve got.


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