Floor lamp “Three Moons”

Floor lamp "Three Moons"



Needed to create it:

1. Basis (simplified the problem myself and bought a ready-made vase from Chinese brothers)

2. Aluminium tube

3. Asbestos

4. An electric wire with switch and plug, lamp holders and energy-saving lamps !!! (This is mandatory, as they are a little heated), a drill with a drill on ceramics.

5. Twine

6. Glue and Brushes (items 2 through 6 were purchased from hardware store)

7. Balloon (3 pieces).

8. Napkins for decoupage

9. thinks electrician with hands growing from the right place (I’m lucky, it was my husband)

Getting to the most interesting stage not – sanding “Chinese industry” and preparing her darling to the Russian reality, and drilling holes for the cord set.


Until all work is carried out uninteresting husband, due to the fact that my creative impulse well, it was impossible to interrupt, I was engaged in cutting pieces of napkins!

Agree, much more interesting to deal with decoupage!


At the time of my work, the husband languished in the “black work”, trying to shove consistently adhered to the very narrow tube!


Then we stumbled with pulling zlektroshnura under blanks for lamps. Had to act to the contrary, ie squeeze the wire from the outside to the inside vases and make the connection with ready-made basics for lamps, because it has a cord switch and plug! If you are going to repeat, very closely with the junction of wires !!!


Then our efforts to split, I like a man “armless” started to create lampshades using inflated ball of twine and glue


Vase, we got hold of, did not want to stand on its own, which is why we had to burden the bottom of the structure. One could do it differently, but “Good idea comes afterward.”

A little back from the story and paying attention to covers. When you wrap, pay attention to uniform tension cords and uniform distribution over the surface of the mesh twine ball, otherwise your ceiling while drying will have not even round texture and angular-shaped’s failed!


Basically, my story fits with the conclusion. Bulbs screwed, vase, weighted bottom, ceiling hoisted, floral decor elements on the site include !!!


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