Flower in the art ganutell

Flower in the art ganutell

Flower in the art ganutell


Among the abyss types of needlework, in the world are sometimes undeservedly forgotten extremely wonderful ancient Maltese kind of needlework – ganutell. In this kind of use crafts helical wire strands, beads and the beads to create colors. This kind of needlework enjoy both adults and children.

To perform a simple flower take:


  • Wire for crafts;
  • Filament floss green;
  • Sewing thread in red;


  • Scissors or clippers;
  • Stick with a diameter of 4.5 mm (I used a ceramic needle);



Performed first elements of the petals and leaves. To do this spring, by means of wire spokes and a length of approximately 5 – 6 cm, tightly twisting a wire around the needles (Fig. 1 and 2). Thus, we do seven springs.
After do everything springs, form the petals of our flower. The two ends of the spring is twisted with each other, and very little spring-loaded stretch (Fig. 3).
Starting from the bottom of the petal, start cranking the red thread (Fig. 4). Thus, to fall within each spring coil.

Not greatly delayed (Fig. 5). When we reached the end of the thread stretch across the petal 2 times, cut off. Knotted between a start and end thread. This parallel winding (Fig. 6, 7, 8).


Perform 5 petals (red thread) and 2-leaf (from green thread) (Figure 9).

Petal, wire paper clip flower (Fig. 10, 11).

To perform frame stalk take the wire length of about 1 m. The middle of the wound on the needle to left 1 cm spring (Fig. 12). Stretch a little and insert into the middle of the flower, as the pistil (Fig. 13).


Foundation (frame), starting from the top, wrap the wire to the middle. After that, apply a green leaf and make a few turns. Then – the second leaf and wrap the stem to the end. After that, cut off the wire and fasten. You can wrap the green stalk of corrugated paper or teip tape.
This flower will be a wonderful gift or decoration of your interior and give warmth and comfort.



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