Flower basket from polymer clay

Flower basket from polymer clay

Flower basket from polymer clay

In this tutorial, I want to tell you and show you how to make an original gift with their own hands. Today we will sculpt the basket rings bouquet of polymer clay.

It’s not just a bunch of delicate ring with forget me, but nice interior decoration.


Difficulty: beginner time: about 2 hours Materials:
Bake polymer clay (thermoplastic)
wire thickness of 0.8-1 mm
Tools and Accessories:

work surface (glass or ceramic tiles)
stationery knife
jar of cream or under a different capacity, similar in shape to the basket
metal blank for the ring
Step 1 : Prepare the frame baskets

Find home empty jar from the cream or other container, similar in shape to the basket. I have found a home here is this:


Take the plastic of the color you need, or blend until desired, roll it up “sausages” thickness of about 1.5-2 mm. Ideal if you have an extruder (a syringe) for polymer clay, then your “sausage” will be equally thick throughout. Cut the “sausage” into pieces of about 3 cm:


Number of segments must be odd, in my case 13 pieces. Now we turn our jar and start to stick to her strips as follows:


Now cut off the excess polymer clay, I do it smoothly through the cover:


After this roll of plastic round cake, and glue it to the bottom of the basket of the future, gently roll the cake with a toothpick:



Place the jar in a form in the preheated oven for about 5-8 minutes (the desired temperature is set strictly according to instructions). We take out our harvest and drop into cold water to speed the cooling process. The cooled plastic is easily separated from the jars. If necessary, dry the hair dryer. It should look something like this:


It is a framework for future baskets, it should be moderately hard and slightly flexible. We now move on to the next step.

Step 2: “weave” basket

We need a very, very long “sausage”. Naturally, once a roll does not work, so the process “weaving” will roll out a sequel. Who has the extruder (a syringe) for plastics that lucky: just catch to lay a new batch of mashed polymer clay into a syringe. And I do not have, so I rolled out with your fingers. So begins the “weave”:

9 10

So you need to get to the top of our baskets. As a result, we get something like this:

11 12

You can squeeze a bit of plastic on the sides, but I did not do that, because I still have a plausible holes between my polymer rods. At this stage, you can do an additional roasting, so it will be easier to complete the design of the basket, but I decided to go directly to the next step.

Step 3: close sections baskets

To do this, roll the “pigtail” of the two plastic strips and carefully stick it on the circumference of the basket:

13 14

Adhered pigtails on the basket, you can use liquid plastic (eg, gel Fimo), especially if your cart is passed repeated firing. Since I do not bake my basket, I did not use the gel, but just slightly pressed pigtail.

At the bottom of the basket, place a small cake made of plastic and press gently so you make your basket a neat inside.

Step 4: forming a handle for the basket

Here you will need to wire any color thickness of 0.8-1 mm, cut the desired size, flex so as to give the desired shape of your future pen.


Now thin “sausage” made of polymer clay wrap the wire, leaving the open end (about 5 mm on each side). Then slide the handle to the rim of the basket promazhte joints liquid plastic and put the product in the oven for 15-20 minutes.


Step 5: lepim ring bouquet

Roll the polymer clay in a layer thickness of about 1.5 mm, cut out a circle of the desired diameter using special cutters or any plastic cover on cosmetics or household products. In the middle of the circle, pour a drop of liquid plastic. Take the metal ring with a blank for a platform and put it in the center of the circle:


Bake directly on the working surface at the desired temperature for about 5 minutes. Then, the resulting shape on the site of any bouquet of flowers. In this case, I wanted to slap me-nots. How to sculpt some colors, please refer to my other classes .

Use liquid plastic for bonding of flowers and leaves, use a toothpick to remove tiny elements include imagination to create an original bouquet of flowers made of polymer clay.

19 20

After firing, the ring fits easily into the basket. On the handle of our baskets can be tied ribbon, for example.

21 22

Courtesy: liveinternet.ru

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