Flower postcard


Flower postcard

I suggest you make a card with “Flower”,


To work required:
1. For the base card and a flower – design paper or cardboard density 160-230 g / m², a thin sheet of paper liner
2. Breadboard or stationery knife
3. Cutting Mats or any substrate to protect the working surface of the table
4. Metal ruler
5. Tool for stamping ballpoint pen
6. Double-sided tape Foam
7. Glue the paper
8. Rhinestones for decoration (optional)

Print circuit cards on thin paper and a stapler to attach the paper to cut out (option scheme №1). You can also immediately print a paper cut-out (option scheme №2). In this case, cut out parts of the scheme, and the assembly of the product upside down on the back, the clean side to the line marking did not spoil the appearance of the finished work.


Cut out small elements of the picture on the front side of the card.


Mark the fold line cards. To do this with a knife several points along the dotted line in the diagram.


Cut a straight line, using a metal ruler.


Cut out small elements of the picture on the back side of the card.


Cut along the contour of the entire card. For cutting straight lines, use a metal ruler.


Tool for stamping  ballpoint pen 


Fold the card along the fold line. Wherein creasing line to be inside.


Print circuit parts of a flower on thin paper. Stapler scheme to attach the paper is suitable color and cut along the contour. To flower was difficult not to select the paper for cutting a lower density than the base card.



Pieces of double-sided tape Foam consistently stick carved details on the front of the card.


Last (external) item can make a double and paste offset down using glue.


Stick card inside (the back side) of the tissue paper insert of contrasting color.


Card is ready.


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