How to Make Easy Fried Flower Puff Pastry

Flower puff pastry

Flower puff pastry – What do you think of this pastry? It looks so beautiful and tasty that you cannot wait to eat all at once?

puff pastry

It’s easy to make, let’s try now. If you don’t want sweet ones, try to add salt into dough and fry directly, it will be good, too.

  1. ready puff pastry
  2. egg for lubrication
  3. filling of your choice, but should not be liquid, you can take red bean paste or prunes
  4. for decoration during serving – jam, chocolate


  • Roll out the puff pastry into a formation about 0.5 cm, cut out of it round cakes. Put the stuffing in the middle of the cake.
  • Forming a star, as in the photo. Each ray asterisk scissors clipped almost to the center and move to the side.
  • Putting the upper rays wrenching them in the center, pre-lubricated egg.
  • Leave flowers on proofed.
  • Fry in deep fat flowers.
  • On podostyvshie finished flowers top placing little jam, condensed milk or chocolate.

Here’s a lovely breakfast can make your friends and loved ones

puff pastry

filling (optional) – should not be a liquid, you can prune

egg for lubrication

jam or marmalade, chocolate (for decoration)

Puff Pastry

Roll out the puff pastry. the thickness of the dough should be about 0.5 cm, cut round cakes. In the middle of cake to put the stuffing. Form a star as shown in the picture, each ray of the star scissors to cut almost to the center and move towards


Upper rays gather removing them in the center, after brushing egg …


That’s our beautiful flowers … Leave a little on the proofing

Fry in deep fat.


Serve previously put a little jam in the middle of a flower, you can decorate a plate painted on her bush leaves or marmalade or jam, can be melted chocolate



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