Flower vase from chocolate tray

Flower vase from chocolate tray

Courtesy: Minal Sinha‎

Converting waste chocolate trays into beautiful, stylish and trendy- looking flower vases.


Take an empty tray of chocolate…


Fold it across the vertical lines, along the crease… and stick the 2 ends withhold glue gun… Secure both the ends – top and bottom, with ‘All pins’…


Let it set for some time… I already love the luxurious Rich look it is casting


Take the beads and start sticking them to all the sections. I had tried with 3 more options of beads and Rhinestones, as in the picture below, but finally settled for this copper half bead… It has such a subtle, stylish and Chic look.


4 other options that I tried before finally deciding on this HALF BEAD COPPER embellishment


Well here is how it turned out finally… I wanted to add Red CARNATIONS to it… Didn’t have them so settled for this set of daisies instead…Hope you will not throw away the chocolate trays anymore


Courtesy: Yellow Frames by Minal Sinha