Flower window colour art

Flower window colour art

If you are interested Window ware colour and you want them to try something else, offer instructions for making flowers.


What you’ll need:
– Wire diameter of about 0.5 to 0.6 millimeters,
– Windoware color
– Beads,
– Sheet containing no PP,
– Sharp toothpick.
– Green floral tape.


Prepare a transparent plate – it is important that the film did not contain polypropylene – some of the plates is directly mark – crossed two letters P.
From the wires using a bottle of colors create regular stitches. Of course you can shape and freely in the hand, but this way you are guaranteed that the size will petals all the same size.


From the ring shape the shape of the petals. Pay attention especially to the shape and deform the wire will lay nicely on the film. Clutter end lift upwards.


Wire eyes fill color – you can use one color or mix more colors. Very nice looks blending of colors that create a fresh in color using a toothpick. To wet paint can further sprinkle glitter or tiny beads – Seed – it’s up to your imagination.


Allow to dry thoroughly – preferably the next day.


Remove the pot from the paint film and using a sharp incisor remove overhanging color (ie, the color that you poured over county wire). Out of beads and wires, create pollen sticks.


Assemble the flower and pull wire.


Bottom flowers clean up using green floral tape, which is also self-adhesive, so there is no need to add any additional adhesive. Just wrap tightly and pressed.


TIP: In the same way, you can produce a butterfly, earrings or pendant. Preferably, the window color is that even after drying remains flexible, and can therefore be completed questionnaire lugs of different shape.


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