Flowering tree “Spring mood”

Flowering tree "Spring mood"

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Flowering tree “Spring mood”

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Cut the wire 15 to 20 cm, and can be long, it is easier to collect twigs, then better otrezat.nakruchivaem pencil and straighten the next flower, slightly wobbly edge.


Then take enamel, nail better, of course, but more expensive to omit the flower and slowly We reach.


Give the paint to dry well, it is better to dry in this position when hung upside down, the leaves may burst and formed a drop, and excess paint can drip off the stalk, leaves a smooth turn.


Collect branches and the tree itself.


The main branches should be strengthened thick wire, and fasten on the basis of plaster


forming the trunk of plaster, paint.


That’s it.!

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Courtesy: liveinternet.ru

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