Flowering tree stump

Flowering tree stump

Flowering tree stump

Planters for flowers in the form of a fun hemp made in papier-mache paper pulp.


To work needed: a cell from the eggs, PVA glue, 5 liter bottle, thread “Iris.”
The cells are breaking into pieces, pour boiling water, mash until smooth. Add a little weight PVA.


Bottle cut to size and weight obtained. Cover with a layer of PVA. Leave to dry.


lepim of mass 2 mushrooms of different sizes. Dry them and sign as prompt fantasy.


From pieces of thread soaked in PVA, spread on a plastic bag web.


Glue to the web spider. I have this old pencil sharpener. But we can do ourselves, roll a ball of paper pulp and inserting the tube instead of paws from newspapers.


Paint the stump paints, varnish for durability and protection .hemp mushrooms and spider web with spider. Pots ready!
Tricks of the Trade: to fungus is well entrenched on the stump, especially when modeling deepening under left foot fungus.


Flowering tree stump

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