Flowers from cotton swabs

Flowers from cotton swabs

Flowers from cotton swabs

It flowers from cotton swabs. This hack is simple to manufacture.


What we needed for our work: clay, cotton buds, packaging for chocolates, threads and wool.

Together with the children, we advance together cut cotton swabs desired length, slightly shorter than the height of the package of candy. (Green sticks, we also painted in advance, when they were long)

Then we filled the clay foundation for flower-packing candy.

Next step was the manufacture, stamens. Painstaking work, but useful for little fingers. Children Screw-on thread and wool dyed. For coloring we used, gouache, diluted in water.


When everything was ready, we started to manufacture flower.

Himself flower we made by sticking the ball in the plasticine cotton swabs. Secure it to the wire.


Color, dropping into a container with gouache. Established on the basis of grass and stuck.


Stamens stuck on glue.

The leaves were cut from the duplex paper.

Here’s what happened.



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