Flowers from egg cells

Flowers from egg cells

Flowers from egg cells

These are the flowers I made from egg cells, but leaves out of plastic bottles.


For the manufacture of these colors it took me: plastic cells from the eggs, plastic bottle green, dried roots of a tree, Melt Adhesive, Candle, and scissors.


Flowers made of plastic, and cells from the eggs. In the photo area circled the future flower.


Her I cut with scissors.


Such blanks flowers I did.
To give shape arched over a candle hot air. It’s worth noting that the plastic from the egg cells very quickly changes its form, it is important not to overdo.


The leaves are cut from a plastic bottle green color. Above the candle shed Liska serpentine shape, cutting sheet spirals.
To cut a strip of 1 cm stem and spins it over a candle in a spiral. Then the twine stems dried roots. Leaves and flowers are stuck to the stem Melt adhesive.
Ready zagipsovyvala eel in a shallow container. Top spread ground pebbles. That’s all.



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