Flowers in the ganutell

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Ganutell – this thread twisted with thin wire, twisted into one – a working thread, flexible, obedient, magic) correctly twisted thread – the basis of a beautiful work, which is nice to look at and to hold it in your hands


Îáîäîê ñ öâåòàìè â òåõíèêå Ãàíóòåëü


To work, we need quite a bit of material and a lot of patience, because occupation, though interesting, but very monotonous and monotonous) proper materials in the photo below – metallized thread floss, copper wire, beads for seredinok petals. You can use any beads, beads rovnenkie main pick to be beautiful in the finished flower. From tools – scissors, thicker wire for the base of the petals and small pliers or Pliers, wire cutters.


For more aesthetics I take Fancy yarn, they have a characteristic luster, making the wire less noticeable, but in this case, the same color of thread work)

2 proceed to process) Thread on a reel usually plump, multiple threads of thinner, I share one thread on two of three thin turns out to separate one from the wire bundle tied the knot at the end of the thread and begin to twist the thread with wire, seems to work for Spinning Wheel)) I’m right handed, so the end of the wire bundle and take the left hand and right hand start to twist them together. I do absolutely everything hands, without additional devices, as for me it is preferable to know that there is a tool to facilitate the twisting strands and wires, but it is not for me) on the photo I tried (really tried) to show how to hold the thread and wire and how it will end up twist.


I left nodules on the right can be seen that the wire is at hand, over-hand thread so that they are not tangled. We do a stylized lily, respectively, we need 6 pieces of twisted yarn for the flower and two-three strands for the petals, you can make a flower without petals, if it is for example hoop for hair, etc. The length of one of the working thread needs about a meter, it is on one petal. Twist-twist-twist …..


3 Well, I have a thread ready to get down to making the petals. For those who are familiar with the French technique in beading – then everything will be just the bottom of the arcs of our twisted yarn alternating every turn through the bead. To petal was tougher and better kept formula I take the wire thicker, absolutely any. At this wind the wire strand in two or three revolutions to consolidate, I type beads-you can dial any number, as you like-the more in the middle, Bead-so fishnet petal. I type 15 beads.





4 Make a thread turns in the French technique turnover-beads, turnover decreased turnover-beads, bottom-turn until the thread is finished, wrap the tail around the wire, the top piece from the base of the wire bent inwards lobe, or rather inside out). So do 6 petals for our flower and leaves in the same way we do. The middle of a flower can be decorated with beads, that is more like it.

5 When all the petals are twisted-collect flower. First, twist the three petals that will poseredinke together with them stamens. Then he staggered, or place “gap” between the petals fasten the other petals one by one. Foot flower I wrap the same thread.

Well, here’s the secret – that there is no secret)) in the final result we get here is a flower)










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