Flowers using metal bottle caps


Flowers using metal bottle caps

Flowers always brighten the environment. So why not make a flower reusing metal bottle caps?
How you can check out below the simple caps turn into jewelry.
Before you start your project and choose colors to give harmony to work.

metal bottle caps Flowers (2) Flowers (3) Flowers (4) Flowers (5)

Tips for Recycling Squeak Bottle
To do this different and beautiful craft you will need:

  • Caps of metal bottle;
  • large pliers;
  • Stick BBQ;
  • Hot glue pistol;
  • metal cap (the cap may be mayonnaise jar, for example).

Step by step to Recycle Squeak Bottle
Start by separating all the materials you will use in your craft. Then begin kneading their caps, folding them in half.

Flowers (6)

To knead the bottle caps, so they stay with petal-shaped, to set up his stylized flower, you should place the bottle in tampainha pliers, opening out. Squeeze the pliers slowly so that the cap of the bottle not escape pliers. After just finished close the pliers to bend completely in half the claw cap. And do it in every bottle caps that you are using on your craft. But let some caps without kneading.

Flowers (7)

Then paste a pat bottle, which was not bent in the center of the metal cap with the help of hot glue gun. And then start gluing the bottle caps folded around the core of his play.

Now, finish gluing the petals around the core of your flower. Then glue two bottle caps on wooden toothpick to simulate leaves.

Flowers (8)

Flowers (9)


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