Flowers of yarn

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Now on sale a huge number of different yarns. Textured yarn used for knitting scarves, hats, ponchos, stoles …
But such an interesting yarn can be used when creating flower arrangements “Hydrangeas”, “Lilac”, etc. I suggest you try to make the flowers of textured yarn “Baloon” and assemble them for example in the Thumbnail panel.
In a class given only the main stages of work. Taking them as a basis, you can come up with a variety of decorative panels.

you will need:

  • textured yarn “Baloon” Turkish firm Yarn Art different colors,
  • yellow beads,
  • beading needle,
  • thread,
  • scissors,
  • “glue” gun glue “Moment” photo frame any size,
  • fabric for the background.


1 Cut the yarn on the petals.

2-3. Strung five petals on the needle.

4 Pull the thread, attach the ends of the petals


1 Insert the needle into the center of the flower, strung beads.
2-3. Secure the beads, bringing the thread from the back side of the flower.

4 Cut the tips of the petals.


Ready Flowers.



1 Attach background on the base frame.

2-3. The composition of the prepared leaves and flowers.
4. Glue the parts.


Thumbnail panels ready.


The color and shape of the leaves depend on your imagination.


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