Foamiran flower

Decorative material foamiran supplied to us from Iran, every day is gaining in popularity, especially among those who like artificial flowers. Foamiran better known under the acronym FOM , of the foam from which to obtain the POF include ethylene vinyl acetate, which ensure the existence of unique properties that make it a perfect material for making flowers. Soft, flexible and practical POF can be used in the children’s creativity, because it is completely non-toxic material. Sales can be found foamiran all colors and shades. It produces flowers of any complexity, very beautiful. Below – the easiest option to create a flower arrangement.


To create a flower arrangement, we need foamiran different colors, plastic flower pot, white, green and yellow acrylic paint, a piece of foam, skin (sandpaper), foam ball, brush, glue and scissors.

Start with decorating a flower pot. Paint it with white paint with a piece of foam, add the yellow paint brush and paint green grass. Create a skin abrasions


Foam ball is cut into two parts, one of which will be the basis for the colors to create a color foamiran cut into strips 3.5 to 9.5 cm. Each strip is folded in half lengthwise and cut into, as shown in the photo below:




Hot glue or any other adhesive Glue the flowers to the foam




Adding to the composition of the leaves of green foamirana