Foldable tissue box and pencil case

Foldable tissue box

These containers are very mobile and can help you out in many cases, and their advantage is also that they are foldable. I am sure that you will not refuse such an opportunity to put in your diary for this craft class, which you can use for making containers for your farm

at the output, you will have to get a container at 18x12x8. the layout of the fabric will be 2 such containers.

  • 1 1/8 of the yard is an external fabric-in this case a hard vinyl marble color.
  • 2 1/4 m lining fabric, it is desirable that it be combined with an external color.
  • Cardboard or sheets of plastic and canvas for stiffening the sides
  • Hot glue

Let’s get to work:

  • First, you need to cut out all your parts in size:
  • 2 long sides: 19X9 “
  • 2 short sides: 13×9 “
  • 1 lower: 19×13 “
  • In the lining fabric:
  • 2 long sides: 19×10 “(note that this is 1” higher if you want more time to fold over the top adjust as needed)
  • 2 short sides: 13×10 “(again 1” higher)
  • 3 lower part: 19×13 “
  • 2 handles: 10×4 “
  • At the cardboard:
  • 2 long sides: 18×8 “
  • 4 short sides: 6×8 “
  • 1 lower: 18×12 “

2. We begin sewing the handle. Fold in half and sew long edges together from the wrong side and turn out the fabric. Inside, slip the strips of vinyl fabric for strength.

We put the handles around the perimeter.

We look at the sequence of work further.

6. On the right side together sew the bottom of the container (in the outer fabric) to the top of the hopper.

sewing a pencil case, and if you change its size a little, you get a purse or a cosmetic bag… you can still make miniatures for your girlfriends as a gift for March 8