Frame for embroidery

Frame for embroidery

Frame for embroidery


For the manufacture of frames I needed cover from the box, linen twine and glue gun. Before you get started, the surface box processed alcohol, trying to remove all the stains.


The protruding part of the box is a window future framework for the rest of the projection to the end of the fill twine.3


Having laid coils of twine to the end of the box, and cut off any excess  .. .


For substrate I chose a light foundation – interlining.


form work piece-frames and cut a circle.


For registration of work I took this one sample of embroidery that I have spent about a year. At the time I purchased an embroidery machine and tried to embroider some drawings, it was interesting what happens. Prepared samples I folded in the daddy and now they are waiting in the wings. We assume that today are lucky here this picture.


Ready circle superimposed on the non-woven embroidery, combining the centres of both of them. Cropped superfluous and sizing the edges of the two fabrics.


Work piece frames combine with embroidery and sizing in a circle in a few places. If the excess fabric will extend beyond the frames, they will have to cut once. Once again, out of the corner sizing, slightly pulling embroidery


Note the place where a frame will be a loop. Continue to lay the coils of twine, gently turn inside out, do not forget to make itself and loop.


View from the inside of my pictures. 


That’s what I did. You can of course leave and in this version, but you can dream up. I added the butterflies with napkins that are pre-pasted using on the fabric and cut, and then put on a frame.


Empty boxes out of the cake using one as. Who mercilessly throws them immediately who they seedlings, we have to work, cleaners keep them in detergents: soda, powder, which are issued for the washing of the school, and in the repair can also be applied as a remedy at hand. But today I decided to use this item for other purposes by pushing a simple box to perform a noble mission.

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