Frame from CD disks

Frame from CD disks

Frame from CD disks

throw away your old discs I always feel sorry for. where they do not want to be……already showed you his work with CD drives “ISO thread on CD disks,” “Postcards from the CD drive” but today I got the idea to make a photo frame


For the production of this picture frame took me not many:
CD discs, corrugated cardboard, stationery knife, ruler, PVA glue, paint.


Mode cardboard into narrow strips


From these strips remove the top layer leaving a corrugated surface.


From the resulting bands to curl the needed elements (they depend only on your imagination)


Cut the cardboard element heart that we need to create the most frame. It consists of two identical parts, the front side just released from the top layer which gives it a ribbed …..¬†both sides together leaving top is glued that will allow us to insert and changing the photo.


In CD drives anchoring mechanism of hours (I took it of the alarm), the dial symbolizes the rhinestones.


All finished items inks.


Now proceed to the assembly, with glue combine …¬†honest I prefer the glue gun.


I think that this frame is not only decorate my dressing table and will execute the role of the original clock, and could serve as a gift for any holiday.


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