Friendly cork reindeer

Friendly cork reindeer

Friendly cork reindeer

Today’s proposal is very tender and sympathetic, how to resist! I’m always keeping wine corks at home and the rest of the family. Some time ago I had this idea in mind since I saw and now I finally had all the corks do not want to stop. Do you think of these reindeer to decorate the table or the Christmas tree ?? They are very nice and easy to do. They want to see how to make them? I show the step by step detailed below!



  • Corks of similar sizes, 2 1/2 per reindeer.
  • Pistachio Shells , 2 for each reindeer.
  • Moving eyes.
  • Small pompoms or accounts, in this case red.
  • Thin ribbon colors.
  • Small bells.
  • Scissors.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Knife or cutter.
  • Dried leaves with petioles, 1 for each reindeer.

The moving eyes may be common or those eyelashes and some extra color. In this case I used the two guys to see how they look.


As a first step we will work with corks. We left one for the central body, one to the legs and 1/2 for the head. We take the cork to the legs and cut in half. Once cut, each cut back in the middle part but in opposite directions.


Step followed, we take the cork body and put a line of glue with hot glue gun. On this line stick two of the legs diagonally, as you can see in the picture, and we hope that the glue dry thoroughly. We repeat the same for the other side. The body of our reindeer are ready.


We take 1/2 cork for head rest. If necessary we can take a bit with cutter or knife to let the reindeer more proportionate body. We put hot glue on one end and paste the slightly protruding head of reindeer body.


Now for the reindeer face. With two scrimmages Pistachio do the ears. The paste with a touch of hot glue on the back of the head. Then we put a noose around his head, stick the small pompom for the little nose and moving eyes. Do not forget to add the little bell beside the loop.


We lack only a small detail that is the antlers. For this I decided to use the petioles of the leaves, but can use other material. We cut the petioles of the leaves and set off in half. This step has two ideas: 1- just cut the stalk in half and stick it. 2- cut the petioles of two leaves and leverage of the petiole with a small curve, is joining the blade to the ground.


Our reindeer are ready and here can see the difference between them regarding the antlers and the type of mobile eyes.


I hope you liked the idea and can make it soon!

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