Discover these creative rangoli ideas for competitions. Usually, rangoli designs are made using coloured powder but, they can be made using many other things.

Let your creativity take flights of fancy and let us help you get some highly creative rangoli ideas:

1. Creative Rangoli Ideas with Vegetables

Use peas, cluster beans, sugarcane, Indian jujube, and Syzygium to create this pretty rangoli design in your pooja room.

2. Geometrical Creative Rangoli Ideas

A highly innovative rangoli design! Make the basic shape of your rangoli with clay. Fill it with rice and pulse. Now decorate your rangoli using turmeric, mirrors, and bangles.

3. Creative Rangoli Ideas using Indian Spices

Try this unique rangoli design idea at home. Use garlic to outline your rangoli design. Fill it with Indian spices.

4. Easy and Creative Rangoli Ideas

This rangoli concept is fresh and new. Make a simple base and place a pot on it. Make leaves and place artificial flowers on it.

5. Beautiful Creative Rangoli Ideas

Wow! This looks like an art piece. Rajma, chickpeas, green gram, and pulses have been used to make this cool rangoli design.

6. Simple and Creative Rangoli Ideas

This rangoli is made using spices. Create a flower with a cute butterfly on it.

7. Creative Rangoli Designs with Flowers

Here is a creative flower rangoli design. Use red, white, pink and peach colour Rose to make this innovative rangoli.

8. Unique and Creative Rangoli Ideas

This is one of the most creative rangoli ideas. It is made using betel leaf, coins, banana, Mehendi cone, soap, talcum powder tin, bangles, a paper plate with flower petals in it and much more. Pretty unusual and extremely innovative!

9. Creative Rangoli Ideas using Pulses

If you don’t have access to colour, use seeds. Create a rangoli with different colour pulses, grams, and other seeds. This is an innovative idea, go ahead and try it.

10. Innovative Peacock Rangoli Designs

Did you ever imagine that a rangoli design was possible using fruits like banana, pineapple, orange, sweet lime? Make this easy rangoli design and impress everyone.

11. Creative Rangoli Ideas with old Newspaper

Here is an innovative rangoli design to inspire you all. Draw squares of different colours and place these shapes on it instead of drawing patterns. Use old newspaper to make these shapes. Roll the newspaper, give it the desired shape and colour them.

12. Creative Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Decorate your home during Diwali with these rangoli designs simple and creative. Place Lakshmi-Ganesh idol and surround it with red rangoli powder and flowers. Use paper cups and Kundan stones to decorate it.

13. Creative Rangoli Ideas using Clay

Try this beautiful rangoli designs made of clay. You definitely need lots of clay and clay moulds to make this interesting rangoli design. Kids can make clay rangoli designs for competitions in school.

14. Creative Rangoli Ideas for Navratri

During rangoli competition, try something new. Make an innovative design with fruits, vegetables, and flowers. I’m sure people will love these creative rangoli ideas.

15. Innovative Rangoli Ideas with Flowers

This is a very cute rangoli made with flowers. Place an orange Marigold flower in the centre. Surround it with Tuberose (Rajnigandha) and Jasmine (Bela).

16. Creative Rangoli Designs and Ideas

Draw lord Balaji using our creative rangoli ideas. Use pulses, grams, dry fruits, coins, decorative mirrors, and colored rangoli powder to produce this mesmerizing rangoli.

17. Creative Rangoli Ideas with Kundan

You can use Kundan stones to create unique rangoli designs instead of colourful powder. They are nonmessy, hence children can easily make them.

18. Best Out of Waste Rangoli Design

Make this innovative rangoli design using old newspaper. Fold them and make rings out of them and place it on the rangoli. Add more rangoli patterns on it with white powder.

19. Latest Rangoli Designs

Use chillies, capsicum, tomatoes, and coloured rice to create this awesome rangoli design. Make creative patterns with rice and place vegetables over it.

20. Creative Rangoli Patterns

This is another out-of-the-box rangoli idea. Use ice-cream sticks and bangles to make one-of-a-kind rangoli design for your next competition.

Courtesy: Homemakeover