Gift box decoration from burlap

Gift box decoration from burlap

Gift box decoration from burlap

Made a gift for the New Year! It has long wanted to make a round box. But pieces of wood we are not here, but I was lucky – in the hardware store, I found a tube of lenoliuma. Now round casket, I provide a very long time. In addition, the Internet saw a lot of works of burlap. straight boom and burlap … I, too, was available. It remains only to dream before the New Year. I will not say that such fantasies were many, but we must try. and here I was born this casket. it is not even a little. 6 cm in diameter, as much as 14 (just what you need). But the color – like a mistress boxes.


4 5 6 7

8 (1) 8

and this is my gift boxes. it is difficult to find a suitably box gifts, especially for bottles. So I took the usual boxes and dream a little with the help of advertising sheets Magnet, Ruble boom and Crossroads. And that’s what happened …


to be honest, I even surprising that the casket so you enjoy the wizard. but because it is you are interested, as they say better to see once than to hear a hundred. so look ..
at first I missed a piece of burlap that make the flower is very thick and very thick with white glue on both sides. resulting in burlap firm. PVA glue is always the use building super. he is very thick as sour cream thick pregustaya.
Then on sacking painted leaves in three sizes – larger, medium and smaller. Well-type kanzashi something.
again missed with white glue but now only the outlines of leaves and stick them ordinary twine.
After drying, once again missed the contours of glue.


then painted with gold paint several times, with one and the other. dry well. This process was very long. but what to do? and then cut the leaves.
for slice leaves gold paint was not. you know how she can be there – inside the tissue. so I missed the edge of the leaves several times gold paint


then assembled using glue gun (the leaves are very hard) flower as in kanzashi. that’s what happened.


see the splits are the leaves on top. but it seemed to me that it’s not to be honest. on the one hand have a twine, while the other is not. but doing nothing could be – the flower is harvested. So I tried something like this very smooth and injustice inflicted a thick golden point circuit for all slices of leaves Flower and simply leaves. Look – this is clearly seen – photo 1 and 3 for a large flower, and photo 6 to 8 leaves at the bottom of the box and the cord that goes on around her.


then struck gold paint on the surface of the blue and blue paint on a golden flower. then beads and all that …. that’s all.



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